Wheat vs. Me

Since having the daylights lovingly,verbally shaken out of me yesterday by my amazing skin care specialist, I surrender to the hardest battle I've had in my life. The battle being my allergy to wheat/gluten. Wheat, if y'all didn't know, is in almost everything! My face was really breaking out a couple weeks ago (I told y'all that) and I looked at my facewash, and golly gee, there was wheat in it. In facewash! My new "organic" shampoo and conditioner that I switched to? Yep, you guessed it. Has gluten in it (well, oats.) But I don't have acne, thank goodness, it's just stuff trying to get out. Gross.

So. According to my specialist, my life's going to get expensive. Not super expensive, but higher prices will be unavoidable. That $4 Herbal Essence bottle of shampoo? No more for me. Nope, I'll be an Aveda spokesperson for y'all. If you need one, not that I think you do. Sarah told me that I'm a princess and that I should accept it. She showed me the skin care line she wants me to go on and I'm glad today is payday, we'll leave it at that. Since my rant last night, I've had recovery time (and actually got a decent night of sleep) so I'm not so rawr-ish today; plus I have my handy Starbucks nearby.

I've also been told to drink more water. For some reason, water is hard for me to drink alone. I guess because it has no flavor, but I have to drink more for me to get better. That's "how you wash the toxins out." Sarah said so. I'll take her word for it, since she's allergic to a lot of stuff, too.

To say this battle is easy is an understatement. I'm a very stubborn woman. My mom will attest to it. So for me to not have "mind over matter" like Sarah (the specialist, I just realized I didn't introduce her) said is hard. She knows though, thankfully, she's in my boat. We bonded over that. But while I want to have mind over matter, I have to understand there's no such thing as "mind over biology." My body doesn't like wheat, won't ever like wheat, so I have to accept it now before it completely ruins me. My mom likes to tell me if I ever want my little babies I dream of, I have to stop the wheat. It's been known to affect the fertility system.

What does help is twice this weekend, I had people come through and ask for a sandwich with no bread. I looked up and said, "not to be nosy, but why can't you have the bread?" I mean, they could have been on the Atkins diet for all I knew. But no, the girl was allergic to wheat. I mean, it happens, seeing as 1 in every 133 people have Celiac but who knew I'd run into one at Jason's? Not me. So I'm not quite that much of a freak, which is good to know.

In summary, I have to become a "label reader." So if you ever offer me something with wheat, don't be offended when I say, "no thanks." So I have my battle to fight. I have to say no to wheat (God help me, again) but at least I can still eat chocolate! Haha, see, a little sense of humor for y'all :)


Hannah Noel said...

MAN. I'd die if I couldn't have wheat, holy crap.
I'm so sorry!!

Someone just gave me Aveda "dry remedies" hair shampoo and conditioner. It smells like Rosemary, and so far I like it alright. I've been thinking about looking at their makeup and stuff too!
Let me know how your experience with it is!

Zach said...

Wheat vs. you? Wheat is the heavyweight champ... you're getting dominated. :]

Ashley said...

I don't know if I could live without wheat - no bread? no pasta? no crackers? scary!!

wheat is bad for fertility for everyone or just for people who are allergic/can't have it???

Lauren said...

Wheat is bad for those of us who can't eat it, since we can absorb the right nutrients. It's a long complicated event.