Make it stop!

My life is officially hectic. My brain is running constantly and will not stop, even when I beg it to. Ever since my interview yesterday, I have many questions running, such as the following:
  • Do I register for Summer and Fall semester?
  • What if I don't register and I don't get into the program?
  • What if I do register and I get into the program?
  • How will my federal loan transfer?
  • What if I have to be down there in May?
  • When will I find out if I'm working w/ the Disney Gang?
  • Will I get along w/ my roomies?
  • Will I get my taxes done before next Thursday?
  • Why am I tired of school?
  • Why do I hate work so much?
  • Why are they hiring all the idiots of Huntsville for our store?
  • How can I make the atmosphere in Sunday School better?
  • What did I do to make my co-teacher so... edgy towards me?

Add all this up, and this is my life! Constantly thinking, whether or not I even want to. Even in my sleep I'm thinking- no joke. Mom mentioned to me earlier that I had circles around my eyes. This is how exhausted I am.

I got a facial today (thanks to mom, happy easter to me) and my skin care specialist (her words) asked if I wanted to get "uplifted" or "centered and focused." I asked her if I could get both, because both sounded wonderful and delightful. She laughed. Then she told me that I have to stop eating wheat for my skin's sake. I was then informed what I thought were breakouts are really my face trying to get rid of the toxins in my system (yeah, mom was right.) The toxins being wheat/gluten. Who knew? So now my poor skin isn't getting dried out anymore because I was gently ordered to get off the stuff that's making me become a lizard. Or some sort of reptile... Now I'm saving up to slowly go on the skincare Aveda has that's free of all "toxins" I'm allergic to. If I could make some humor out of this I would. But I can't stop thinking, which is greatly stressing me out to no end.

While I'm at it, I love that I go to a school that doesn't know diddly squat about internships. Of course, I'm probably talking to the wrong people. They know nothing about if my classes I took in Orlando would transfer or not, the advisor hadn't even heard of it until I asked her. In my mind, I silently was yelling, "do y'all know anything here? I mean really..." It's ridiculous. so maybe, I need to talk to the branch in Decatur- the main campus. I don't even want to try to think about how my Q&A session with the financial advisor about my loan would go!

May God give me the patience to persevere. I can only hope.


Ashley said...

oh my gosh i know how it feels to constantly have questions about life running through you mind. i am the exact same way.

i used to think some of the people who worked on campus were complete idiots cause they could never answer a simple question. so annoying!

hang in there and crossing my fingers that you get the job!

mrosev14 said...

Oh a facial sounds so wonderful right now. Good luck hearing about your internship!