Not Me! Monday

I can't believe it's another Monday. Another day off for me, though :) I consider Monday/Tuesday my weekend, only with school in the mix. Here I am to tell you what I didn't do (but really did.)

Last night, I did not die laughing at my brother and sister when they were getting ready for bed. While tearing up the bathroom, you could hear my sister yelling at M, "do you accept Christ as your Saviour?!" M goes, "yes, I believe in God! I'm not stupid!" I swear, it sounded like a Baptist convention going on in the bathroom (no offense to you Baptists.) But I was not laughing, I promise y'all. Nope, not me.

I did not tell a co-worker that our new manager at Jason's looks like a turtle on Saturday. We did not get carried away with it one bit. Nope. We also did not go in hysterics when our fun manager did not say, "damn, he's even wearing the right colors to be considered a turtle!" Yes, he was wearing a green apron. Quite funny. I mean, not funny.

I did not lose my mind when I couldn't find my sunglasses this weekend. I didn't search everywhere in the house, ask my siblings what they did with them (they're little thieves), dig around my car, only to not give up. So I did not go to Target yesterday (there's a surprise) to get a new pair, did not find the cutest pair, and did not buy them. But low and behold, I go to work not even ten minutes later and guess what I did not find under the register? There they were, my sunglasses. I was not mad. Not one bit. Now I have to decide what I'm going to do with the new pair.

I did not grab the wrong drink at Starbucks yesterday morning. We were in a rush for church, I had not waited 20 minutes (ok, 10) and was not impatient. I thought for sure the barista said "triple grande non fat white mocha." Well, after getting in the car and taking my first sip 5 miles away, I realized that was not what I ordered. So someone did not get my drink, and I did not look stupid at Starbucks. Go me.

Hope you guys had a good week last week and have a great week this week!
Update: I am not jumping up and down after my awesome interview w/ Disney. It went great, I'll know if I'm in within 3 or 4 weeks. Talk about anticipation.

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Ashley said...

haha love the "do you accept Christ as your Saviour?!" - hilarious

3 or 4 weeks? that's a long time to wait, i would go crazy with anticipation!