I've never been one for crying watching movies, tv shows, weddings, all those things you're "supposed" to cry during. Never cried during A Walk to Remember, and that's a major "tearjerker." But not for me. Yet one day my junior year of high school, I was watching the scene in Steel Magnolias where Sally Field breaks down in the cemetary after Shelby's funeral and I started bawling. It was heart wrenching.

So I'm watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (yes, right now) and keep getting tears. It's depressing, very very sad, and I keeping tearing up. The dad/husband died last year and the family is getting a kick-butt house. I mean, the 3 boys are getting a zip line in their backyard. Anyway, it's a tearjerker for sure. The old Lauren that didn't cry during shows is long gone. I even cry during A Baby Story, people! What's funny is I was like, "oh you luckies" when the family found out they were going to Walt Disney World for a vacation. Then I remembered, "I might live there in August!"

I had to set my foot down today in Sunday School. There's a new family to our church (well, not new new, but they're pretty fresh) and their two kids I work with can try my patience, but I go with it. The other teacher does not like them and doesn't hide it well at all, so I do my best to make them feel loved. But today was the final straw. While waiting for parents, the girl said, "let's point at her and laugh." I was doing something but heard it just in time and it was a 180 degree change in my personality. I got down at their level, gave them that voice no child wants to hear and told them how rude it is, not to mention mean. My heart broke for the little girl they pointed at and I refused to let it go. Anyway, they were scolded (or burned in modern day terminology) and I made them apologize. Of course, their dad walked in during this, knew they were in trouble, yet gave sympathy to them... it irked the crap out of me. It's hard to be patient and not play favorites with the kids, I'll admit it. There's a 2 little girls I love to death in my class. They boys crack me up and don't bother me at all. Not to mention, my co-teacher and I are complete different personalities and it's starting to bubble up now that we've worked together for a year and a half. It's trying my patience these days because she shows her favoritism, controlling side, being uptight, etc. It's testing me to the point that I'm not sure I want to teach Sunday School next year.

But we'll see how that turns out. Disney interview at 9 am tomorrow morning :)


Ruby said...

the tv show, movie thing so happened to me too. when i was younger nothing would get to me, but not now. maybe it's because we're older and we know it's not just "tv" and they're real people? i don't know.

good luck with your interview!

Ashley said...

I admit I've always been one of those people who cries at anything... sometimes I get emotional even when I shouldn't!

I used to work at an after-school child care and it was in a middle to upper-class neighborhood. I would tell the parents about something their child did that is completely inexcusable and the parent would just hug the child and not care as if the child needed sympathy for me scolding them. Um, hello, did you hear me just tell you that your child kicked another child in the face, leaving a black eye, all because he "just doesn't like them"?

So frustrating!