Not Me! Monday Tuesday

Yes, I know I am not late posting this thing. I was too lazy yesterday to think up everything I had done but really "didn't do" last week to tell y'all about. It's all slowly coming back to me... I think. Thankfully, Z didn't have to bug me for it (again)!

Sunday I did not have "the Jesus in me" rush out when I had a customer 30 minutes into my shift act like a jerk. He did not require all the patience I had in the world when dealing with his complaints about charging him for a drink. I did not put on a fake smile and say, "would you like a bottled water instead?" only to want to throw water at him when he yelled that he wanted tap water not bottled water. It was all miscommunication... so much that I did not have Jesus run out of me in a single minute. And personally, I like bottled water better, so I was just upselling suggesting. Ahem.

I also did not throw out a tract that was given to me again on Sunday. For some reason, I'm guessing that since I work on Sundays, people assume I'm a heathen (newsflash: I'm not) and don't accept Christ as my Saviour (perhaps I should get my sister in on the act of saving me.) The reason I threw it out was because it really upset me because it asked "Are you a good person?" What the heck. No... no one is a "good person."

I have not not been able to put my new phone down since I got it last night. My new phone that I do not love and adore. I did not finally give in to it when dad told me that the phone I wanted required a PDA package. But the salesperson didn't swear by it so I didn't say ok and have been able to walk away from it. I did not name it Sabrina to go with Audrey (my laptop)... see the pattern or trend? If not... well... I'm sorry! And this paragraph didn't make any sense but I don't care :)

I am not more energetic now that I've cut wheat out of my system. One of the ladies at church asked me this morning if I've been feeling better and I said, "honestly, yeah I do!" I hadn't thought about it at all. Even though certain restaurants have not been annoying me, I feel ten times better than I did last week :D

Finally, I have not thought about Stellan all morning long :) I wasn't disappointed that I don't own orange so I couldn't wear it today :( but my purse has orange and my old high school shirt has orange on it, so that's my classification of "orange" today. Hang in there, baby boy, you're in our thoughts and prayers.

Update: Wait! I found some orange! Here it is! It's even my profile picture on FB!


Zach said...

Your blog is getting lonely without comments. :] I had to restrain myself from asking you thirty times why you forgot to do your Not Me Monday on, hrm, Monday! lol I only asked once. Be proud of me.

Ashley said...

Yay for orange!

I love audrey... and sabrina!