7:22, not to be confused with 6:21

"It sounded like seven freight trains and 22 vacuum cleaners all going at the same time," Funkhouser said Saturday as he returned to what is left of his home and neighborhood.

Allow me to elaborate on this quote I borrowed from Fox News' website. The Tennessee/Alabama state line had some, ahem, dramatic storms yesterday to say the least. I've never seen hail, but I definitely saw it yesterday. Our backyard looked like a driving range, I kid you not. I have a picture of it on my camera, I'll have to put it on later.

Anyway, up in Murfreesboro (where the quoted man lives) there were some very bad tornadoes and such. I guess you could say that's Mr. Funkhouser's description of the tornado he witnessed. Glad to know he counted how many trains and vacuums he heard. I wonder what it sounds like when it's 6 freight trains and 21 vacuums?


rich said...

Funkhouser? Wow did you know thats my Mom's maiden name??? Again WOW

Hannah Noel said...

Wow-- poor guy! You definitely need to post that picture!