Fun/Not Fun

I have to say that taking care of skin to get the optimal, not-trashy nor fake look is hard. And is definitely not fun to find hairs that are unwanted when I am freaking 19 years old!

What is fun is seeing how long my hair is getting, how I don't have whispies falling out anymore, yet realizing I sort of need a trim. Split ends are no fun.

What is not fun is having a sister that can read everything is sight. I mean, everything. She read a bib I got for a baby shower gift and said, "little hula girl." The girl said hula y'all. In a way, it is fun though.

Not fun? Stress from figuring out school. I double scheduled myself for physical science and sociology this summer, but did it tell me that when I registered? Nope. And, to top it all off, all the distance education courses are booked up. Great.

Fun- seeing this picture at 3 am this morning to my great surprise. My phone went off with a message from Z that I oddly woke up to (never wake up to these midnight/early morning texts) that said, "look at my wall, you might see something you'll enjoy." My mind attempted to rack up things that it could possibly be. But I never expected this :) and it's not even done. Mom thought it was the prettiest thing ever.

By the way, Z, hope you don't mind me sharing :)

And for the random thought- why are 13 year olds that I'm "friends" with on Facebook in a relationship with someone else? ...Rant coming... When I was 13, sure I liked boys. But dating them? Heck no. Relationships are a big thing. A 13 year old doesn't need one. Not that they'll see this, but they're supposed to be all into Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus/Taylor Swift/High School Musical (like me, haha) not dating. Nail polish and fashion. Not that boy. Good grief. Sorry, that's my rant.

By the way, Stellan's off to Boston tonight/tomorrow, so keep MckMama and co. in your thoughts. Click here or on the cutest baby's picture on my blog.

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Ashley said...

what an awesome drawing!

I hate school stress - hope it gets worked out soon!