The taxes are DONE! Thanks to my dad, we just finished them. For proof of it (because who in their right mind would say they did it but really didn't) I put in a picture. Notice the Starbucks cup in the background!

To make it even better, I also registered for this Summer and Fall. Lord willing, I won't be attending these classes and I'd be in Orlando, but ya never know. For more proof, again, see below.

Yes, it is true. I am 66% less stressed than I was before. The only stressful thing now is waiting on Disney's decision.

See, my life was slightly hellacious after 2 pm today (involuntarily) while I was trying to take a nap. The following events are below.

  • my phone went off three times with texts messages, right when I would doze off. Ten minutes apart, so by the time that I relaxed and was this close to sleep, it went off. Again.
  • the weather radio went off 4 times. Two were thunderstorm warnings (I figured that out w/ the thunder), two were tornado warnings that I ignored. If I don't get the phone call that it's miles away, I don't heed the warning.
  • my salon called me to tell me I had a hair appointment tomorrow. I was listening to them on the machine (yeah, I screened it from my bed, so what?) and thought surely they have the wrong Tuesday down... why would I make an appointment in the middle of nursery? So I called them back and cancelled, only to find out she's not open til May. Oh well, I'll find someone else to trim this mane. Yes, mane. I have enough hair for a lion.
  • So I gave up. Head to school. Realize that I have a check in my purse that I need to deposit (go me!) I head to the bank, rush to school. Only...
  • to find out we didn't have to come to class today (lab day.) Curse words flew around in my brain, but thankfully, the girl I sit next to didn't show so I took her seat- to leave a seat between the perve and I.
  • On my way home, I remember I need to pick up a new lightbulb for my headlamp. I discovered it was out the other night and prayed all the way home I wouldn't get pulled over. So I got that. Then hit up Starbucks because it's right next door to Advance Auto Parts. Literally, next door.
  • Started flipping out on the 3 mile drive home that I need to register for school and do my taxes. Flipping out continued. I registered. I taxed. Thankfully, my classes weren't filled up.

The End.

Oh, I almost forgot. Here's what my yard looked like Friday!

See, I didn't forget.

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Permberly said...

Hail to the Hail!

Are you going to buy me lunch with the "Big" refund?