Happy Birthday, Beautiful

Since it was my birthday and all a couple days ago, tonight I decided to redeem my birthday gift from the most miraculous store of all stores, Sephora. Ever since having my breath taken away the first time I walked into the store at the age of 12, I've sort of been in awe of this place. Hats off to whoever thought up getting only the best makeup in the whole.wide.world under one roof. Or on one site, however you shop/look at it/prefer.

In fact, when people say, "what's Sephora?" I just look at them... and walk away. Because honestly, who doesn't know about Sephora?

ahem. Moving on.

Where was I? Oh, so because I'm on the insider's list (I get points for shopping, etc.) they sent me a birthday gift. A freebie. The catch? Getting Lauren onto the site, that's what. They know that I'm a sucker. They know that their "insiders" will shop when just going for that one freebie.

So I got the Stila Pearl set for way cheaper than it's claimed worth is... again, claimed. And some primer from Bare Escentuals. Then my three freebies on top of my birthday gift (three sample sized lip glosses.)

This girl was going nuts on the site. Oh the decisions... at least I decided, right?


Faith said...

I had never heard of Sephora until you told me one time. It sounds more like a Jewelry company haha. It sounds like you scored some good deals!

mrosev14 said...

I've actually never used Sephora. I don't wear a lot of makeup so don't tend to spend too much when I buy a piece, but maybe I'll try it. We'll see.

You definitely got a bunch of great stuff!