Resisting the Soap Box

This chica has a slew of things to get out... but is resisting. Ok not really...

  • I think our government is getting a tad too big in the britches. Seriously. I'm becoming big on small government.
  • I'm sick of hearing about Michael Jackson, his ODing, lottery for his memorial... I'm sorry, but he should be in his grave already; I can't believe he's not pushing daisies yet. Yes, I mean that respectfully, even though it really doesn't sound like it.
  • Jon and Kate need their space. I honestly thought that they'd get it with the King of Pop passing away but obviously not... who cares how they spent their 4th?
  • I don't recommend procrastinating eight sections of Precalculus homework when it's due in two days... yes, my bad. Just thought I'd warn y'all.
  • Some people need to grow up and not throw pity parties all over their Facebook pages... telling people your life is on the line after reporting crack addicts is one thing; stating that you don't have a girlfriend anymore... oh puh-lease.

That's all for now, folks. Not Me! will be up tomorrow. I have a feeling this will be mentioned ;)

1 comment:

mrosev14 said...

I too am sick of hearing about Michael Jackson. I honestly didn't hear anything about Jon and Kate which surprises me.

I love facebook and am super surprised at the things people admit to on there!