What I’d Give for 19th Century Style Dating

Ok. I'm having a serious case of writer's block. I love to write, but my thoughts and ideas are dwindling. I need something to write about but my brain's just not functioning. So tonight's topic: dating.

According to some people, my thoughts and writing style are similar to Carrie's in Sex and the City. To me, that is a huge complement (and yes, I am aware that it is fictional.) No, you won't see anything raunchy or explicit on my blog- people from my church read this, not to mention my mom. It's not even like I have those kinds of stories to begin with. I have to laugh because I have so many horror stories about dating and I haven't even really dated for that long, only a couple years. I love being single, being who I am, going to bed at 10 without any guy bugging me, etc. In fact, last month I resisted ranting on here about a recent experience that went way sour and things didn't turn out for the better like some people ass-u-me-d expected.

To be honest, I'm glad the sour visit happened because it definitely opened my eyes for what I should expect in the dating world. You're going to have those guys that are distant; too clingy; too romantic; too realistic; too pig headed; too metrosexual; too self absorbed; guys who are more feminine than you; too emotional; too weak… you get my point. So far I've had all of these- even one that spit out my Starbucks when he tasted it and compared it to pond water. Yes, really. As my mom said, that was just asking to be kicked to the curb.

The other day I was in my mopey state where I thought I was doomed to be single. One of my friends has a new boyfriend, there's all these couples around me, another of my friends just got engaged or something like that (I'll know the full story when I go to work tomorrow.) I've coffee-dated and straight up dated several men (to be honest, I don't keep count and there's more than ten I think) but none of them have "clicked" with me. It's safe to say they were all Christians; yet some were too busy, some expected too much, some were shady, and overall, nothing ever came out of them except lessons learned.

For example: never date a guy who used to sell dope, even if he did have a life-altering event Christmas Eve where he bargained with God
(and yes, I had issues with that but didn't say anything.)

Anyway! So I was feeling pitiful when I actually read an email I got from Boundless. There was a link to the blog of a woman who wrote about her story about meeting her fiancée. She had a smorgasbord of experiences in the dating world. Even though some guys were good guys, they never clicked. That is, until the barista became her husband. Reading that was a major relief for me. I thought, "oh good, so I'm not doing something wrong."

I was telling my friend who's in a relationship now that I don't have time for a boyfriend. Really, I don't. I mean, I could fit one in during the two weeks I'm off school, but once my fall semester starts, my life's going to be crazy. She joked with me that's when a guy will show up. I just looked at her and said that wasn't funny. And right then, I swear to you, a guy my hair stylist tried to fix me up with walked into the café at Barnes and Nobel and stopped to say hey. I thought in my mind, "God… that's just not funny at all." He falls in the "too busy, too distant" category. The guy, not God.

I'm reading Pride and Prejudice right now and I love the way Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy's story is written. As much as I hate to say it, the thought of marrying a guy who used to drive me up a wall is hysterical. I love the way Elizabeth carries herself. I'm practically in love with Darcy (and I can't help it if Colin Firth's image is in my head when I read) because he could care less about what everyone thinks. He has it bad for Lizzy, too, which again, I adore. But he doesn't pull the clingy card, he plays her game. Again, I like that. And personally, Mr. Collins and Wickham are cracking me up right now- those guys fall under the "don't give the time of day to those characters" category. Reading this paragraph makes me feel like I'm in "You've Got Mail."

To be honest, the courting thing doesn't sound bad now that I think about it. But if I didn't date, I wouldn't have any funny stories and thoughts for my blog.



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mrosev14 said...

Wow, that is quite an amusing blog post. You really have had some very interesting experiences with dating. I think courting is a nice thing, you can court now a days.

Good luck trying to find someone who doesn't fall into all those randomly weird categories...guys are weird.