Not Me! Monday

Even though some of MckMama's followers are sharing about what their children didn't do last week, I'm sticking to the norm seeing as I'm child-free and all :)

I haven't been all Twitter for the last hour chatting/laughing with friends about life and boys who too readily commit to a future together.

I'm not at Starbucks writing this post when I should be completing a take home precalculus test that is not due tomorrow.

I did not find this crazy picture on my camera last week. This is where I have to love my brother.

I did not close Pride and Prejudice last night after getting completely frustrated over Mr. Wickham. Yes, I am aware that it's a book for Pete's sake and would never get frustrated over an antagonist in a book that I've read before. Not to mention that I can't not remember how many times I haven't watched the BBC production.

I am not dreading the week since I am not working six days in a row. Keep in mind I didn't work a ton last week.

I am not counting down to the day I get my Bachelor's in Elementary Education so I can {finally} relax and not hate school. But on the upside, I did not get a 94 on my physical science test.

What did y'all not do last week?


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mrosev14 said...

Rock on with the 94%. I can completely relate that I cannot wait until I am done with school so I can work and only work.

I seriously need a lesson on Twittering...I don't know how to use it. I can update my twitter but that's all I can do. Any advice?