I Love to Tweet

I've become an obsessed Tweeter these days. Maybe obsessed is the wrong word, but I'm definitely on there a lot, whether on my cell phone or my laptop. I guess it's my ONE place where I can privately vent about things or just be goofy and not feel horrible for it. Today I vented about people who use Mrs./Miss incorrectly; another was how people write "OMG I'm first to comment!" on blogs and fan sites on Facebook. That's just annoying people (granted on the Vera Bradley page, it's middle school girls, so MAYBE it'll stop once they go back to school.)

I can keep my fingers crossed.

But anyway, yes, I love Twitter. I can have girl talk on there with friends so that the world CANNOT read it, even though it's hard to keep it under 140 characters. I have a hard time with that; this is where I get my 5 different updates, but they're all linked with ellipses (these … things.) Come to think of it, I need a shirt that says "I heart …" Kinda cute, maybe I can Google one.

So that's my thought of the day. Maybe if I get that shirt I can shout "OMG I'm first!" Yes, when my elementary students yell this at each other, I need to get creative on how to stop it.


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mrosev14 said...

That shirt would be super cute! I hate that my texting cuts me off at 140 characters...it's awful. I need to figure out a way around that. My old phone didn't cut me off but my crackberry does. Weird.