My Life in a Tote

Earlier today I picked up my purse and thought it was awfully heavy. So I was wondering just what the heck was in there to make it so heavy?

I had this great idea to dump out the contents, lay them out flat, and take a picture, just so I (and my readers) can see just what this girl totes around. I mean, it seriously feels like five bricks are in there.

So just what on earth is in my new Vera Bradley tote?

1. Hair clip
2. pens
3. wallet
4. TI-83 calculator for math
5. checkbook
6. sunglasses
7. two headbands (as if one isn't enough)
8. hand cream (made from goat's milk, MckMama would be proud)
9. Vera Wang Princess lotion (in case I need to smell good)
10. cosmetic case
11. keys
12. USB drive
13. Burts' Bees chapstick
14. eyedrops for my eye
15. cell phone

and last but not least

16. Pride and Prejudice

Call me Rory if it suits you... and if no one gets that reference, that's ok. I'll forgive y'all just this once for not seeing that episode of Gilmore Girls. Yes, I did Google that up just for my pleasure/mentality/your info.

And clearly, I need a twelve step program for Vera Bradley. But that's just me. First step is admitting, right?

1 comment:

mrosev14 said...

I think all the things in your purse are necessities. I wouldn't be able to pick out one thing that doesn't belong.

BTW, I got the Rory reference without your help. :)

Yeah, so bookworm friend, read the Time Traveler's Wife.