Women with Children

side note: no, I do not have children. Nor am I married. Just thought I'd let my new readers know now.

This is the second part in the "Let's Talk" series at my church. We were corrected mid-discussion that it was Women with Children not Married with Children. Honestly, if you have kids in our church, 9 times out of 10 you're married. Anyway.

The discussion was great. Not as long as last time, but that's ok. We got a glimpse into the leader's life when she drew out all the people she had to be in contact with, not including her family. Let me tell you, my first thoughts were "woah... baby." She has a lot on her plate (she has five children ranging from preschool to middle school.)

We didn't realize emphasize anything specifically. We briefly covered the primary relationship (besides God) which should be the husband, even though, sadly, a lot of couples don't prioritize that way anymore (look at Jon and Kate Gosselin.) Another topic covered was never ever degrade your spouse/siblings to others unless it's a mature person and spoken in confidence... otherwise, you're doomed. And you shouldn't be degrading them to begin with, just well, venting. *forgot that part.* We should always have a wiser confidant (see 1 Timothy 2:3-6... dang I'm proud of myself for remembering that!) to receive instruction, wisdom, and correction from.

(I told y'all this is good stuff.)

Don't make idols out of your kids. Ever. An older lady in the group told how one of her students broke down one day because he was so exhausted from all his extracurricular activities that were brought on by his mother, not him. He was in 5th grade. Sad, isn't it? We talked about why moms seems to put their kids on a pedastal as if to say, "hey, I'm a great mom. Johnny has straight As, is in band, quarterback on the football team, etc." You get the picture. We do this not for our kids, but for ourselves. I'll be honest, I was sort of like "well duh..." I know, I'm not a mom but still...

So even though I'm not a mom and definitely nowhere near getting married, this is good stuff to know. Ya know, for future reference and all.


In other news, I had to take my Tweets off my sidebar. After finding that one of my followers's body parts right in my face today (I never paid attention to just who/what was following me) I had to go private.. since I saw theirs. Gross. I immediately changed my settings after that grotesque sight. But if you click on the link, you go to my page, you just have to ask if you can follow me. In twitterland, not real life.

Anywho, I'm off to bed :) Hope y'all had a great Tuesday!


mrosev14 said...

What?!?! You saw someone's body part today? Are you kidding me? What happened? I would have lost my cool and probably punched them (him/her?).

Anyways, it sounds like your women with children session was a good one. I think the note about speaking to your spouse in private if you have something not flattering to say is a very good point. Another point I can mention on (mind you, I like you don't have children) is the one about children being in a million extra curricular activities. I was that kid, I was in soccer, baseball, volleyball, dance, music, etc.--many of them I did at the same time. I was in all those activities for me. My parents basically enrolled me in all these things so I could pick a couple of activities that I wanted to focus on and get good. That's my thoughts on that. :)

Are you dating someone right now?

Permberly said...

You didn't tell me that! What else have I missed?