The Pros of My Town

Earlier I saw on Fox Business that the Rocket City is thriving in this failure of an economy. Who knew. Even though shops are going out of business left and right here, we're still booming. I guess we can give credit to government and military for that.

I learned another interesting fact yesterday in physical science about this city.

People want our town to become as big as Birmingham. Huntsville's not known for a towering skyline, we have restrictions and such. Well I thought it was just because the city's ordinances are ridiculous. Apparently not.

Little did I know that downtown Hickville Huntsville is located right on top of a big limestone cave. Hence, there's a weight limit to buildings. The courthouse (which is very
ugly, by the way) has a bunch of support systems underground that were built for support. Again, who knew? And who would be that brave to go underground and do all that work? Not I.

So I guess living in a city known as Geek Town pays off in the long run. I'm not kidding when I say that you can point out engineers left and right here. No, sadly, they don't look like the stereotypical engineer... ya know, like this:
If they did, you know I would get too much amusement out of it.

I wonder if people dressed like this... would we get MORE business? Or less? Hmm.


Hannah Noel said...

So, would you say Huntsville is a small town? I have no idea where it is, lol.
Maybe that's why it's thriving in the economy? Less debt? Small town folks only buying things with money they already have? haha.

yes, I'm rambling.

Ashley said...

You are too funny... haha.

I left something for you over at my blog! :)

mrosev14 said...

I definitely would not work underground...ever! Mines, sewers, anything like that--I can only imagine the world caving in around me (not to mention it is yucky and dirty).

Anyways, living in a college town with a huge engineering department, I'm gland engineers don't look like that. :)