Not Me! Monday

It's edition number... who knows. It's NMM again! The time of week where you tell about what you did "didn't" do last week.

Last week, my A/C adaptor did not catch fire and set off fireworks. It was not traumatic and slightly funny in the aftermath. This did not leave me computerless for a few days. I did not miss the cyberworld, either. But I didn't miss reading blogs and such.

I didn't want to scream at customers last week. For some reason, all the difficult ones were not out in full force and testing my patience. Well, the Jason's ones that is. At Gymboree, I didn't want to dance because it was my LAST two nights working in that wretched place as a sales associate on Friday and Saturday.

I didn't want to freak out on Sunday when a little girl peed on herself without telling me or my other co-teacher that she needed to go; I really didn't get frustrated when her parents tried to make up an excuse for it. It's not a clear sign that this is my last year of teaching Sunday School before I get sick of kids and change my major. Again.

I didn't get frustrated last night talking to my grandma who asked first thing if I'm saving my money. I didn't tell her that when I'm not paying for gas, food, etc. that I'm trying to save money... I proceeded to bite my tongue before I went on to say in was none of her G.D.B. When she asked about any new boyfriends, I didn't laugh and tell her I really truly don't have time for one. I really didn't hash out my schedule for the next year, like my APTT/application to the teaching program/all my classes either, just to get my point across.

Ahem. Breathe, Lauren.

As you can see, it was quite eventful last week, and y'all didn't even get updates on it... have a great week!


mrosev14 said...

I would have been super pissed at that girl for peeing on herself. Seriously...just ask!

Isn't it funny how family always has a way of pushing your buttons?!

I am sorry you missed reading blogs, well welcome back. :)

Ashley said...

Ah don't you just love it when family calls and interrogates you... its the best isn't it? or not!