Not Me! Monday

Since my life has not been crazy this week at all, I am not writing this 15 minutes before I have to get ready for work. No, I do not push my buttons at all.

Last week, I did not work Monday thru Sunday every.day and do not work today thru Saturday nonstop. Add that up and that is not 13 days in a row!

My mom did not just tell me that we could watch America's Newsroom on Fox News this morning because I think any man who looks like Bill Hemmer can tell me the news anytime. Ok, I do not think he's handsome...

I did not make a run to Walgreens last night since my sister lost a tooth and my dad (who's on a business trip to CA right now) had a great idea(sarcasm) to suggest that the Tooth Fairy might get her a beanie baby. Great one, dad. But I didn't remember this until I was 5 miles past Walgreens and had to turn around. Mind you, it was 11 at night and they were the only place open- I had no options! And I do not want to apologize to the guy who rang me up because I probably didn't smell like Jason's Deli.

I haven't decided that my mind must shut off after clocking out because I didn't forget a promise to my Sunday School kids that I'd bring a treat because they were good last Sunday. I didn't remember until 11:30 Saturday night so I didn't end up running to Publix on my way to church. And I didn't walk by the drink cooler and turn back around to grab a Frappucino-in-a-bottle because a) I needed it and b)it'd give me something to drink during fellowship time at church because the coffee supplied doesn't taste like absolute crap. Ahem. Oh, and I didn't rub it in a family friend's face either... because I'm nice.

Have a great Monday, y'all. Please keep Stellan in your prayers as he's taken a turn for the worst and his doctors are trying to form a new plan this morning.

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mrosev14 said...

What a great idea you Dad threw out there, lol. Not!

Hopefully you will get a break this week and have the ability to enjoy a bit of summer. You do so much, work all week long, teach sunday school, and of course you're the tooth fairy. LOL.