Where's Mr. Darcy When You Need Him?

Yesterday was my "fun" day. It was my day off work (which I was glad for) but involved: an eye, a doctor, a church meeting that left me frustrated, a trip to Publix, and getting addresses and roll put together for my Sunday School class.


Ok, so... let's start with the eye. Friday morning I woke up with an eye that matches the color of my shirt that I'm wearing right now ( a pink UAB shirt.) Only add a hint of red. Everyone at work asked what was wrong with my eye; I replied "I have no clue, I woke up this way." Someone suggested pink eye... but I didn't believe them. That is, until I woke up yesterday morning with stuff in my eye and all. Off to urgent care I went. Thanks to a man who broke his ribs, went crazy on the nurse for "hanging up on him", and was pissed at the thought of getting in an ambulance to be transported to the huge hospital downtown so he could be admitted for said broken ribs, I had to wait for two hours.

But that was ok, because in those two hours, I read six chapters of Pride and Prejudice by the lovely Jane Austen and fell in love with Mr. Darcy for the umpteenth time. Love that man. Except when the nurse came in my room to discharge me, I got ticked. Why? I had to throw out ALL my eye makeup. Eyeliner, mascara, etc. And I can't wear eye makeup for the next 5 days. I feel naked without my mascara.

So after the doctor, finding out my pharmacist and I have the same birthday (with years in between us) while dropping off my prescription, it was off to the meeting regarding Sunday School. It went ok, until my nemesis showed up and opened her mouth. UGH. This lady is a thorn in my side; when she was informed that her class was going to be split, all hell broke loose. She was ticked to say the least. I kindly informed her that I had about 9 kids promoting into her class and that she would need to have it split. That didn't make things any better. To be honest, this woman is stubborn and set in her ways. I want to just keep all my soon-to-be first graders so that everything just stays quiet.

Then we had to think up a project for the classes. What should be easy was anything but. The majority of us thought that a local project would be perfect this year. Previous years we have done stuff for missionaries, but the little kids have a hard time with that for multiple reasons. So we thought that raising money for a donation to the rescue mission that bought our old campus would be right up everyone's alley. However, The Nemesis made that difficult too. I left feeling frustrated and vented to mom the minute I got home.

I have to thank the guys at the car place for making my day though. They cracked me up while changing my oil :) there's a super cute guy there and he joked with me that he wasn't going to get near my car since I had pink eye. I told him I got drugs so it was all good... what he didn't know was that I hadn't picked them up yet...

after that I went and bought myself new makeup, washed my makeup brushes, went to the store, came home and opened Excel to make a whole list of addresses, birthdays, and such.

Such a fun day, right? Insert tongue in cheek. It would've been nice to have a Mr. Darcy around to make it all better, but that's ok :)


mrosev14 said...

Goodness, you were so busy. I'm sorry you have pink eye, the junk that comes out is gross. The little boy I babysat for had it multiple times. I would have to wash the stuff out just so he could open his eye.

That book is so good! Mr. Darcy is fabulous. You'll meet your Mr. Darcy.

I'm sorry you had to throw out your makeup, but you definitely don't want pink eye again! It is expensive to have to replace all of it. Have fun being "naked" without your eye liner this week.

Get better soon!

Amanda said...

I love "Pride and Prejudice" too! I'm actually ashamed to admit that I've never read it, but it's on my to-do list. I have read "Sense and Sensibility," and that's my favorite Jane Austen book. (Probably because it's the only one I've read!)