Not me! Monday

It's that time again. Good ol' Monday! MckMama has me hooked on this! It's time for a little therarpy and talking about what I didn't do this week, which I really did.

Yesterday morning, I was not put back into the holiday mood by a church I was visiting. I've always been one to be in Christmas spirit, so they didn't have to pound Luke 2 into my face and sing my favorite "O Holy Night" to get me out of Ebenezer Scrooge mode. Nope not me.

And I did not spend more money on Christmas presents this week. Why go to Cracker Barrel to get stocking stuffers only to find the cutest John Deere sign for my brother? That just involves more money.... right...

I did got go dumpster diving last night to find my bosses keys; in 0 degrees wind chill, no less. The woman threw her keys into the compacting dumpster no less. Ok, I bent in there, I didn't actually go in- I had a fear of the door slamming shut, which makes the compacter turn on. Then I would be dead! Very dead! So I didn't pull out all of the trash only to make it an unsuccessful mission altogether. And I am not laughing that my manager has lost her car keys and has to get new ones, because that's just mean.

I did not spend more than 6 hours on facebook this week. By spending I mean just having it opened in a tab and googling, reading blogs about strangers, etc. So that makes me even more not guilty :D

I did not realize that after having my a/c adaptor for only a year and a half for good ol' Audrey (my computer) that I need to not drop $99.99 on a new one because my dear, saintly brother tripped over it, thus making the wires loose. I am currently not holding the wire in a certain position with a ponytail holder! And I am not getting irritated when the charge happens, then stops. Happens then stops. Good gracious.

Have a good Monday! Join the fad and blog about what you didn't do last week ;)

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Erica said...

Great Not Me's! Keep on writing your good at it! And I love shopping at Cracker Barrel, I do think I will stop by there for stuffers! And my little laptop mouse circle button thingy so didn't just pop off and go flying while I was typing this!