Not Me! Monday

It's Monday (uhh... gain *new version of spelling again*) and it's the time to say what I did but did not do ;)

For starters I did not walk in downtown Atlanta at 10 pm on New Year's Eve... not at all. That's an unsafe thing to do and I would've completely thought it out before I did that... right. Learn from your mistakes, that's all I'll say...

I did not buy a coat at Old Navy just because it was 60% off and wasn't sure about the style of it... but I really did need a coat because it was so cold and my jacket wasn't warm enough... really it was :)

I did realize that my emotional rollercoaster of a week was indeed PMS (a bad case of it too) when it first started and not when I was up at midnight a couple nights ago texting Jess about my bad case of blues and munching... she should be a doctor for helping diagnose my crankiness my case that quickly.

I did not just blog about my moodiness/blues/munching and the cause of it all...

I did not read complete strangers' blogs for hours on end this week. I had better things to do than sit in a hotel, watch Project Runway non stop, and read random blogs.... :)

This has been a semi-uneventful week. Share what you did not do this week then go over to MckMama's blog to see what she did not do!

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Jane Anne said...

I never read complete strangers blogs... and my husband does not make fun of me for having some really good blog friends that I have never actually met.
Great list!