Today, my buddy Rob passed away. After the doctors did a CAT scan this morning, they found that almost 3/4 of his brain was non-responsive and basically dead. There was nothing they could do. His family decided to pull the plug at 1:30; at 3:45 I had a text from Nate that Rob passed away just then.

Words can't begin to describe the pain I'm going through. Last night, all I kept thinking was why? Why did he drive drunk? What was he thinking? No one has the answers at all; I can't imagine how his wife's doing. She was his perfect match. They both had their quirks, but they loved each other greatly. I remember he was so nervous on his wedding day that he told me in the hall he took a ton of pills just to calm him down. He loved Celia tons, you could tell the way he talked about her. He called her his wife months before they ever said "I do." I flipped when he told me he was going to wear his Converse sneakers with his tux and his wedding. All his groomsmen were doing it, too. God he was awesome.

Rob told the best jokes. He was a little leprachaun (sp?) in everyway. He was going to write memoirs on McAlister's. Like, Matt and I getting caught kissing in the cooler (yes, I'm making it public ;D) Apparently Rob saw that as a chapter in itself. I saw Rob get promoted from Shift Leader to Assistant Manager. I saw him on his bad days. He always called me sweetheart. He nicknamed me The Flamingo one night when I was wrapping cookies and was standing on one leg and doing a pique (ballet thing) against the cooler. I was there when he got vertigo and freaked out on the world. I was there to cool him down when it came to the wedding. I was the only person he really talked to about getting married because he was so nervous and didn't want anyone else to talk to him about it.

I don't know when the funeral is. I'm going to let work know what's up just in case I call out. I'm dead set on going to the funeral. I'll wear my "break up safe" mascara as Bare Escentuals calls it. I haven't cried yet; I know it's coming though because I've teared up a couple times thinking about him.

So if you're reading this, please put everyone involved in your prayers. Thanks.

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Domestically Disabled Girl said...

SOrry to hear about your loss. That is terrible...