"It's All Them Banks' Fault"

I was on Facebook earlier this afternoon (go figure) and there was a poll that popped up on my homepage. I was like, "Oh goodie! For moi?!" So the question was who do you blame for the economic crisis? Who knew that 60% of those polled blamed both our Democratic Majority Congress and *gasp* President Obama himself. I looked at it. I automatically was filled with glee. He's not that popular anymore. He was second ranked for all the blame with about 30 %. I was shocked, way shocked. I guess that's what a downright crappy economy does. But it's predicted our new Socialist Republic's economy will be back to normal by 2010, ladies and gentlemen. So hang in there.

Then I was reading a friend's blog where she put up a video of some lady from Acorn (you know, the crazy African American group that tried to rig the election a couple months back?) who claimed that "All Americans have the right to housing." I thought about what she said... in the midst of their house squatting, trying to save houses that people haven't paid for in months, we have a right to housing? Hmm... so that means that I, a student, can go buy a house, not pay my mortgage, and when the bank comes after me, I call up my Acorns and they squat... right... Can y'all sense my sarcasm?

The host of the show (who has an amazing accent) pointed out a very good point. One of the "beyah!" moments. He said, "allow to me get this straight- the banks are wrong to go after people who haven't paid for months because they have a right to those houses? Where in the Constitution does it say we have a right to housing? A right... tell me, which Bill, which Amendment. We have a Constitutional Lawyer on later, perhaps he can help me understand this right." The lady sits quietly for a second (for once) and then says, "well it says we have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." Okay... you know how people take something out of context? That was an excellent example... Thank you, Obama, for people like this.

Coming from my Conservatism (and the result of driving by public housing in downtown Huntsville) only these people would think this way. Due to the government's generosity, they've given poor people housing. I probably sound racist, but I'm not. There are plenty of hard working African Americans out there who do not get the respect that they deserve because of these extreme groups. So please don't be offended.

The bottom line is this: that $300,000 house of your's you can't afford? Just call up Acorn, they'll help you. Again, sarcasm.

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