I Think M was Meant to be a Penguin

Ok, it's finally here. The Spring Break '09 review for my nosies. It's been interesting so far. Maybe y'all have seen my video, I don't know, but that was a glimpse into my week. I drove up to Chattanooga Monday (beat the family) and we didn't do anything seeing as my family's no fun we didn't have energy. I was still getting acclimated to the time difference- let me tell you, you know I'm trying to deal with springing forward, let's just throw Eastern time on this Central girl, ok? Anyway.
So after much deliberation, we (we as in my family) went to the aquarium on Tuesday. We're official members of the Tennessee Aquarium, also, but the fun part of that will soon follow a couple paragraphs down. All that M wanted to see was the macaroni penguins. That's all he wanted. We brainwashed him to let us spike his hair so he'd look like one (and he fell for it) but we had no idea the entire way through the river exhibit we'd hear "when will we see the macaroni? Mom, I want to see the macaroni!" This is the part where I think he's meant to be a penguin comes in... it was like we were going to see his relatives or something. The penguins cracked me up, they're a very curious species, so when they see a camera, they stay there. The best subjects I've ever photographed! One of the waddlers is a big troublemaker curious fellow and he opened the door that the caretaker comes through to let them in, feed them, etc. It was hilarious. Then his buddies started to play with the flapping weatherstripping (I'm assuming they believed it to be an anchovie or some sort of fish.) That was even better.

Anyway, we saw the blessed penguins, much to my brother's pleasure. We also learned that he is as tall as an emperor penguin (he thought that was oh so cool.) Of course we had to go to Clumpie's. I was very depressed that they didn't have my lemon ice cream. Not like I craved this all day... nope. I had to settle for strawberry (I'm so original.) But I did finally buy a shirt from there because I wanted one last time I went, but a certain ex kept saying I didn't need one. Who needs him?! So I bought one, and I like it. The bridge came next, but H and I were so exhausted we went back to the carousel. I haven't been on one of those in a while, you could tell by the way that I was holding on for dear life. Oh, by the way, the bonus of being a family of the aquarium is you get 10% off your gift shop purchases. My shirt is the black one (it's totally my sense of humor) and the blue one is my mom's.

I think that was all the adventures... oh wait, there was the waiter at the Mexican place we went to that had 5 different accents all combined into one. Not even kidding. We learned he was from New Orleans, moved to NYC, then 3 different European countries. Yeah, that explained it. He was very pretty, mom tried hooking us up by taking his picture, I was mortified, you can finish the story.

I think that sums of Chattanooga... I failed to mention the part where I listened to Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC in the car. It was that or country (which I listened to for 20 minutes before I felt like I was going to die.) Suggestion for the Dept. of Defense: torture those at Guantanamo with country music. They'll confess big time. I mean, I liked some of it, just not all of it.
In other news, I found out Jason's is giving me a 50 cent raise. So all decisions I had regarding my work environment were completely thrown off. Much contemplation is going on in my poor head; they made me talk about problems I was having that I kept bottled inside because I felt that no one would care. Which made me glad, because they do care.

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