Not Me! Monday

What a week it has been. Since it's time for the semi-annual freak out that occurs all three semesters a year, I'm taking to the time to procrastinate blog about what I didn't do this week*.

Last week, while I was in the Christmas spirit and had time to shop after a fantabulous haircut, I braved a store downtown to get mom a gift. The owner was from England and I felt like I was in England. However, when he was showing me "fantastic placemats" (his words, I don't know why I went with it. Who wants placemats for a gift, anyway?) I looked down and realized that my Oxford was not, ahem, unbuttoned across the bosoms. Yes, I pulled a Janet Jackson. My blouse decided it didn't want to act ladylike. I quickly tried to fix it and was informed by Mr. Britain that he noticed it but didn't know how to inform me of my wardrobe malfunction. The rest of the time was extremely awkward and Mr. Britain couldn't even look at me. Whoops! I honestly thought it was really quite funny.

While in biology learning about sharks (on our last lecture day, thank goodness) I wasn't shocked when Mr. Raccoon Man said, "well I guess females should stay out of the water around that time of the month." I was speechless, my professor was dying of laughter at my expression, and when I finally found my words, I didn't tell Mr. Raccoon Man that he was the most sick man I've ever met. He tried to convince me he was being scientific but I didn't buy it. Lordy.

Hope y'all are having a great week!

*this weekly event is hosted by MckMama herself.

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Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Whoa, on the "wardrobe malfunction" and on the Brit's inability to tell you!!!

And I, for one, DO have placemats on my holiday wish list. I know, I am lame.