Sunday, I sat down with Dad to order a new computer for myself. As much I heart a Macbook, I had to face the fact that I needed a new computer on the fly (sorry, restaurant terminology) and didn't have the the cash for what I desperately wanted. Thank goodness for dads that get massive discounts on Dells, right?

I was, however, dismayed it wouldn't arrive until next week. That is, until I was driving home from school this morning and dad called to tell me look on the porch when I got home. I guess Mr. UPS had to call and get permission to leave it since nobody was home.

SO! I now have my pretty red laptop (it's gorgeous) with a webcam (how exciting!) and haven't put it down since. I love it!

Without further adieu, meet Ruby.


Meg said...

It is lovely!! I do adore my Macbook, but completely understand needing a new laptop without Mac money, lol.

It is so shiny and pretty. :)

Hannah Noel said...

She's gorgeous!! How exciting :)