The Trials of a Cell Phone, Part 1

Today I had my phone lock up up on me for the third time this week. It's never done this in the entire 9 months that I've had it until now. I can only be patient for so long and reset the phone until the moon shines.
So, I had to call AT&T and ask "what the heck?" and get it solved once and for all. Part of me hoped that they'd say I just needed a new one and that they no longer sold my type and that I would just have to get a different one. Sadly, that just wasn't the way it would go.

I got acquainted with my techie, Sharon, and we shared laughs about coworkers who steal our pens, and solved this phone issue once and for all. I, personally, have never heard of something called a master reset. However, that is the "solution" to the problem according to my lovely cell phone company.

Of course, this help didn't come without the bombarding of questions such as:
  1. have you dropped your phone recently?
  2. taken a dip in the lake with it? (really, lady? it's freezing here.)
  3. dropped the phone into the toilet?
  4. any other kind of possible damage?
I still laugh about the lake question. And it's really not that much freezing here, but it is cold for the South. I regress.

Sharon and I hopefully fixed the phone. She's going to check up on me tomorrow. Now that I think about it though, I should have asked her to connect me to the advertising department so that I could speak my mind about all these gosh darn map ads. Enough with Luke Wilson telling me about the map!  I, of all people, definitely know about the map!


Meg said...

I hate cell phones...I want a new one. I currently have a crackberry and Phillip just got a Droid--now I want a Droid. I really hope your phone stays working.

Hannah Noel said...

I hope it's fixed!!

Tiffany said...

Oh no! I hope it is all fixed for you!