A Little Too Close to Home

In the past week, more pain has been put on the Huntsville area than ever necessary. We had a shooting in a middle school last week, in a town that was ranked as the second best place to raise your kids. All because some kid was obsessed with a gang and was a wannabe.

Then today, a professor at UAH (where I went my first year of college) flies off her gasket just because she didn't get tenure? Tenure. Permanent job security. You kill three people and injure three others because you didn't get tenure. It just doesn't make sense to me. Tenure was created for good reason, and I'm all for it. But I am sick of seeing people expect it to be given to them just because of the length of their employment.

I won't lie, I really honestly thought that one of the engineer students went crazy because UAH has a crazy program there that is really tough. I thought a student had his fill and decided to go take care of it once and for all. But a professor? It's just... crazy.

So just pray for the area because we need it.

One of my friends put this in his status tonight and it put the money on how I'm feeling.

I have witnessed the best and the worst of public education and society in general in the past week. Unspeakable violence. Parental failure. Abuse of tenure. Schools and teachers that truly educate their students and schools that employ degreed babysitters. I saw only the good last semester and ...it is good for me to get the reality check I knew was coming, but that doesn't keep it from hurting.

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