Not Me! Monday

This morning, I did not tear up when my dad drove off with my car to go trade it in for his new car. Yes, I am excited about getting his Civic (aka Chloe) but that doesn't not mean that I won't tear up when my first car is gone for good.

I am not excited that I got my 21st 22nd follower this morning :)

I am not irritated that I woke up at 7 on the one day I had to sleep in, either.

I definitely have not been pigging out on Dove's chocolate nonstop for the past week, on top of everything else I haven't eaten that has sugar in it (Coke.)

What did you not do this week? Write your own post and go to MckMama's page and put the URL for everyone to read.


Meg said...

Very good, I understand being sad about your car being gone for good. I was sad driving away and leaving my car at the used car lot.

22 followers, that is awesome. I need to get some more followers.

angela.kolachny said...

I love your blog so much I left you a little something over at mine today:o) enjoy your weekend!