Adios, Voice

I just want y'all to know that my voice... is gone.

I think I yelled, hollered, and sang for a solid two and a half hours.

I do have video, but ever since I changed my Edit Post page, I've lost my video button. Which means I have to go to Vimeo and upload, tag, get the embed script come here, put that in the HTML... and heck, let's just be honest. It's 1am and my patience is wearing thin with my deader than dead camera with the pictures of my new future husband (and the rest of the band.)

Suffice it to say, me and my voiceless self are calling it morning a night. Maybe everything will be up tomorrow. Maybe.

Meanwhile, I'm going to bed humming Summer Nights. Hey, just because I'm voiceless doesn't mean I can't hum :)


angela.kolachny said...

Rest up and drink lots of hot tea!! Enjoy your weekend girl!

Hannah Noel said...

Hey, I don't have much of a voice either, how bout that! lol. I would much rather it be because I went to an AWESOME concert though!!

I'm just curious-- which one is your future husband? Will they be playing at your wedding? Because, if so, I would looooove an invitation ;)