Check Six

Starting on Sunday, I'll start cross training for another camp at the Rocket Center. While I'm so excited, I'm really anxious at the same time. I won't lie, I'm a super girly girl. Y'all know that.

Now, I've really been looking forward to this coming week for the past 8 weeks... now I'm nervous. Strangely enough though, to me, it feels like home. There's planes and hangars which is what I grew up around... it's a by a lake, trees everywhere, and even though there's an interstate less than a mile away, it's super peaceful down there.

Anyway, so this weekend I part with nail polish, pretty watches, and blow driers and become one with camo, ball caps, and bdu's. And yet, I'm excited :)

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Faith said...

Good luck! I am sure you will do just fine! I need to come visit once I get back in town! :)