In the past month...

  1. I've had teams come and go. I've seen all sorts of kids...
  2. I've worked over 60 hours a week and I LOVE it.
  3. There's never a dull moment in my life.EVER.
  4. I've made some great friends and tend to hang at their place til all hours of the night (even when we have to be at work at 6am.)
  5. Cute men galore.
  6. I'm ready to train for Aviation Challenge... there's nothing better than wearing BDUs in 90 degrees and humidity. No really, I'm excited.
  7. I'm going blonde from the sun. And getting lots of freckles.
  8. I HAVE been reading everyone's blogs. I'm so excited for everyone's new events in y'all's lives.
  9. I finished the semester on a sour note but it's ok... I can always retake classes.
  10. After working at camp, I don't want to teach in a school environment. I love love love the non-traditional classroom setting. The thought of being in one room with standards to meet drives me nuts. But we'll see what happens...
  11. Finally, I am not that white anymore as I was in the above picture... thank goodness.


Meg said...

It sounds like you are having such a fantastic time, yay!! I am glad you are getting freckles, because believe it or not I am a bit partial. :)

You need to get some more pictures posted up. Enjoy your time.

angela.kolachny said...

I tagged you in a photo game on my blog:o) love your blog!