Happy Holidays

It's the official countdown to Christmas :) I'm in a holiday mood here, people, so go with it.

While everyone is shopping, I'm staying in my nice cosy bed thinking I need to put the Rat Pack's Christmas cd in my car. I'm sure 96.9 is playing Christmas music, even though they seem to play the lame Barry Manilow songs (a jewish guy singing Christmas tunes.... hmmm...) What's crazy is the fact that I'm in the mood for Christmas. 4 weeks ago, I definitely wasn't- I was practically Ebenezer Scrooge shouting bah humbug!! I'm not sure what the change is due to- I'm working Gymboree today and cannot wait. I wish I was in Boston though because Christmas isn't Christmas without snow and there is no way I'm going to the midwest to see it this year.

I'm discovering that what my counselor declared is true- I'm a future housewife deep down inside of me. I got up at 6 yesterday morning to start the cooking for the traditional Thanksgiving feast. Like, actually wanted to get up. Granted, coffee was the first thing on the list- but I can't remember if I made it or my mom made it. My brain's gone a little blank in the last few weeks. I was so happy cooking, it's scary. I actually laughed because I remembered her words from a couple sessions ago in the midst of crumbling the cornbread for the stuffing- "you are going to be a kick-butt wife and mom. I can see you doing the carpool thing, the PTA thing, being hands on with your family." God bless that woman. I love her.

Speaking of counseling, that stuff is amazing. It might only be an hour a week, but it's a miracle. I will leave and look forward to the next session. It's nice venting to someone who isn't involved with other people who are in my life. She understands my point of view and supports my decisions- she even holds me accountable to those decisions when I'm doing what the old Lauren did- not sticking up for herself. New Lauren on the other hand- I really honestly think and make my decisions. People might try to sway me, but these days, no swaying here. I'm sticking to my decisions, I don't care what opinions people have of them. I can't wait for Monday though. I'm an advocate for counseling. I know people who've done it and hated it or saw no effect but here's the thing- it's all about the person you go to. I'm going to a woman who's in her 20s. Not a 50 year old man. That's where the difference is. Off my soapbox now :)

I'm ready to get back to school. I have so much stuff to do before classes are over, it's stressful. I have a research paper on literary aspects regarding any author due in American Lit, 3 extra credit things to do for history, a lab to do for Biology... it's stressful. Then two jobs. But it's ok.

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Faithfully Yours said...

I'm so glad that you're doing better. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving!