18? Good grief

Being out of my Christmas blues temporarily, I found my way of dissolving the blues. Just watch a crazy t.v. show about a family with 18 kids!!!! Yes, as you know, I am an addict for these crazy shows. It's interesting to watch the shows like Jon and Kate Plus 8 (serious addict for them) or "17 and Counting" because it's a sociology experiment all on it's own! Add in a cup of coffee, and you have an instant cure :)
You learn very knowledge-able things from these shows... like, child birthing for starters. Did you know that there's a scientific explanation to diffuse the myth of no sex during pregnancy? There is, but I'll spare myself from explaining due to the EWWW! factor you! It's amazing to watch. I texted my love Jessica and told her that I never wish 18 kids upon us. I can't imagine what my body would look like (a little vanity, but that's ok.) I want 4 kids... and that wish seems like a handful to the 18 the Duggar family has. It's like... 2/9 of their family (hey I did fractions at 11:25 at night! GO ME!) Good graciousness. But hey, if it makes them happy, go them, right?


Speaking of Jessica (not so much) only 6 days til the girls' getaway! And I have a new pink camera to tag along with me! I'm so psyched! She texted me today in the midst of my stomach pains (another story) that she was looking at our hotel's website again because she was so pumped! We're excited, can you tell? I mean, the place has complimentary Aveda hair products... enough reason right there to be excited, I think.


Santa's come and gone for the little ones :) I was crafty and made Dad Santa a cup of coffee for the road to wherever he was headed next. There's a new bicycle for my baby brother and a Barbie scooter for my little sister waiting under the tree. Not to mention the pigeon from the Pigeon book series (these are hilarious, if you have kids, you must get them), the mouse from "If You Give a Mouse a ___" series, chocolate, books, flashlights, and what not. The best part about tonight was my brother freaking out about the big box that had the "alligator" in it. My mom thoroughly convinced M that there was an alligator in the biggest box and that it was sleeping; but if M touched the box, the gator would wake up and become very angry. So, M was freaking out when it came time to open the box. Mom opened it for him, gave us scares acting like it was trying to eat her, only for the kids to find new periscopes and a steering wheel for their playhouse. Yet M asked sadly, "where's my alligator?" The poor kid was going to name him, feed him, and walk him- he had a plan for taking care of his pet and it was diffused immediately with no alligator. I'm guessing I know what to get him for his birthday that's a month and a half away.

As Santa says in "The Night Before Christmas", "Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!"

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Faithfully Yours said...

I love 17 and counting. I can't imagine having that many brothers and sisters. I am so glad that my mom stopped after my little brother :).

Your brother sounds so adorable. Too bad there was no alligator haha.

Merry CHRISTmas :)