So many books, so little time

I have my want-to-read list! It is ready for action! Hopefully (chances are low) I'll have it done before 2008's end of reign, but chances are slim... in fact, not likely at all. SO!

In 2009, it is my goal to read:
  1. "Multiple Bles8ings" by Kate Gosselin
  2. "Marley and Me"- I was inspired by the hysterical movie today, along with wanting a cute little puppy.
  3. I don't have a #3 yet... or 4 for that matter.

Ok, so I only have 2 books on the to-read list so far. But I finished my Shoe Addicts book; the coffee/love one... not digging it, honestly. There's something about it that just rubs me the wrong way. Maybe it's because of the main character- an ignorant little snob who is gliding through Victorian London with daddy dearest's money? I think so!______________________________________________

In other news: Santa! Here are some pics from my new pink camera :) they're not super, my camera and I are still getting acquainted with each other. By next week, we'll be b.f.f.s!

Matthew trying out his "big kid" bike
Hannah with her brand spankin' new Barbie scooter The kids with the walkie-talkies


Ciao ♥

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