Jive Talking

So last night, I had a ton of fun catching up w/ an old friend on myspace. Z's brother, C, and I were best buds when I lived on Waterford Dr. Talking to him brought back a ton of memories. C and I had a camp in the woods, waded in the creek, got yelled at by golfers to get out of the creek so they could hit their ball, walked around the golf course, biked, etc. My absolute favorite memory, though, was walking down their driveway in the middle of summer. Now, this is a favorite memory because: 1) we were playing in the water, 2) we were cat-walking (like models), and 3) this is the best part- we were catwalking and Jive Talking. Yes, like the Bee Gees. Their mom got their dad a tape (a tape, not CD) of the "Best of the Bee Gees" and we put that tape to good use, let me tell you. That has to be my absolute favorite memory. There's a ton more, like going to the family farm way down in south Georgia, stuff like that. So it's weird now to see that they're over 6'5", in college, and stuff. Because it seems like only yesterday we were jive talking haha.

Bonaire was... indescribable. I love Georgia, as y'all have read. There's something about that state only that has my heart. Bonaire was a little po-dunk, redneck town when I lived there. It has it's swanky side, it has it's trashy side. I haven't been there in years and want to go back and see it. I don't know how it's changed; I know Warner Robins was really starting to boom when we left back in 1999. Gosh I miss that place! I need to find pictures and put it on here just so y'all can see what it was like.

I've got Georgia on my mind now. Fun times :)

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Permberly said...

My favorite memory is C worrying his dad when he asked for a Barbie for Christmas. His dad was so relieved to find out it was to entice you to come over and play more.