Bubbly for one

I'm super happy right now (see facebook status!) It's a bubbly moment (yay!!!) because I passed ALL four classes I had this semester. A normal feat for some, but me... not so much. My 2 semesters at UAH were not as successful as this semester. So imagine my pride when I have 13 hours and pass? Yes, very happy woman. I won't know "for sure" until grades are put online, but it's a pretty much guarantee. I even corrected my history teacher on my grade- fiasco there. He was trying to say I wouldn't pass, that I'd get an F. When I heard him explain then watched him do the math, none of it worked out. So he did it again, and the grade sounded about right.

Why am I so happy I passed? Have you read/followed my entire blog? Specifically the past 4 months? That's why I'm so happy. Jessica had a theory we both laughed at- maybe being without a boyfriend actually proves to be worth while when it comes to school. Both of us had a higher grades in our semester of being single than our semesters of being taken. Yeah, good theory... :) maybe it's just cuz we're buckling down, we're sophomores now, who knows... our celebration is 2 weeks from today!!! That's right, Atlanta is 2 weeks away!