Missing Generation, indeed!

I just got done reading Faith's newest blogisode and let me say- it was so on par about my generation. A lot of churches in the Huntsville/Decatur are lacking in a really good college ministry. This is a town that has quite a few colleges- Alabama A&M, UAH, Oakwood, Calhoun (community college but it's still there) yet there's no church ministry that reaches out to these students specifically. So imagine my "yippiness" when Faith confronted the issue (or rather informed, since it was on TV.)

I love Westminster.I love being involved in the children's ministry, don't get me wrong. But these days, I really need to go to a church where there's a college ministry. Westminster- doesn't have that. It has youth group and 20/30s. Nothing in the middle. Someone said to try 20/30s but honestly- everyone's married, has kids, and that's not me. I'm single, 19 (20 in 6 months, 15 days but who's counting), and childless. It's really frustrating to say the least. Yeah, there's RUF and what not, but it doesn't work into my schedule- I work in the day and do school at night. So it's frustrating.

Which is why I'm glad Faith blogged about it. Maybe some churches will see if they start these ministries, they'll get a ton of students who feel they are in the "missing generation." I know more than 3 people who are looking...

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