Hayley's Comet

In the midst of writing note cards on nothing BUT genetics, diseases, and chromosomes I decided to take a break; so here I am :) again...

I remembered how the other day in the car, I heard a song by Shinedown that I loved. I first heard it live at Big Spring Jam and loved it because of the lyrics. But after my miserable ending to October, it really really hit home. So tonight, I iTuned it. It's better than I remember, I can't stop listening to it. It's my message on life. Lately, I've been thankful for having that awful night. Honestly, two months later, I'm so happy single.

Anyways. The biology exam didn't happen today. I never actually studied enough for it, so I'm going tomorrow right after school. Hence me writing on hundreds of notecards about things like transcription, Jacobs disease, punnet squares, F1 generations, and phenotypes tonight :) See, I remembered something! I'm just grateful for how I passed my classes. Really, that's a milestone for me. I'm happy. If I died tomorrow, I'd be happy because I passed a semester of school completely. No non-completes and what not... Yay me!

Ok, back to studying. By the way, the song's "Second Chance" in case any of you were wondering.

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