You know how I said my whining in this blog is stupid? I have good reason. Last night, while writing my paper, I was checking facebook and saw possibly the worst status. Someone who was in my precalculus class at Westminster was helping his mom prepare for her death. Can you imagine? I instantly felt guilt for whining about this dumb paper, about not getting to go to Miami. I could be planning my mother's funeral.

I emailed his sister, who I graduated with, and there is nothing the doctors can do for their mom's cancer. They called hospice last night to make her comfortable and that's all they can do. Their mom has 3 weeks according to the doctor if she regresses like she is at the moment. I cannot imagine, it makes me very sad.

So this holiday season, while you whine about the rain, a bad grade, a fight with a signifcant other, think twice like I am. You could be planning a loved one's funeral.

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