Happy 2009, y'all

Ok, so I know... Atlanta's not very "southern" like Macon, but you know what? I'm going to my state. My favorite state of all the states I've been to.

Jessica and I decided (after the nixing of Miami, *sigh*) to hit up either Nashville or Atlanta... we decided EVERYONE in North Alabama's probably going North. So why not mix OUR lives up and go... East???? Hmmm... so we're staying in a cute, feminine, Eurpoean style hotel. We're gonna shop and love the single life. Oh, and adore being in a city where you won't run into your 5th removed cousin. I cannot wait. At all. Southern boys... the Peach Drop... ah, it's a perfect girls' getaway :)

It'll be celebratory too :) I'm passing my classes. Every single one. And will hopefully have all Bs on that transcript. Yeah baby.

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