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Many people can't figure out why my generation has so much emotional baggage: here's why. I've been noticing a lot lately that my facebook/myspace is covered with "lose weight" ads then has this stick thin girl with muscle and all looking at you. What's really creepy is the whole fact that is has for the title "19 and overweight?" How do they access my info for that? It's on myspace too. I can guarantee my mom's facebook and myspace doesn't have that title (maybe it is, idk.) Guarantee it.

Why do people do this? I won't lie, I'm not the perfect girl, but I'm coming to like the way I am... I'm getting thinner as I grow older slowly but surely. My jeans are loose (yay!) but it could be cuz I rarely eat as much these days and run around like a mad goose. Where was I going with this? Oh yeah-

My point is this. Even the new acai berry diet trend... eh. I love berries but just because Oprah (who, if y'all have heard, has gone back to her normal size) does it, doesn't mean I'm gonna do it; besides, she endorsed that Democrat who's taking over the world- yes, politics are getting in the way of my judgment but that's a WHOLE other ball field. But do I honestly want to eat, blend, drink a berry just to lose 5 pounds? No, I don't. Why? I love carbs, sugar, etc. too much to do that. Granted, I do have salads and what not but overall... just moderate it people. And quit putting playboy models on my Facebook.

Thank you, and goodnight.

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Faithfully Yours said...

You should watch "Luggage" by Rob Bell.
(that's part one...there's a link on the side for part two)
Rob Bell is my hero.