I'm free! For a month, that is. I wish it was longer :( as of right now, my overall GPA is a 2.9 (all 5 semesters combined) so I need to bring it up next semester before applying to schools. Shoot, I have to think about applying to colleges... oh man.

So to celebrate my freedom for less than a month, I went to the library (where I owed them $21 for late book fees) and got myself 2 books. Chick books to the max, but who cares? I could learn something. So far, in "Secrets of a Shoe Addict" I've learned to not allow a man to come on to you in a Las Vegas Casino bar... or you'll be paying him $1000. You really will. Then I got "The Various Flavors of Coffee." So the coffee title caught my eye; I was little if-y on it, but hey, I can try it. So I read what it was about. Artist in London falls in love with the coffee shop owner's daughter. I'm sold.

Jessica and I met up last night and are dying for anticpating Atlanta like crazy. We went to this Christmas movie last night about a Puerto Rican family (don't remember the name) and were going crazy for the men. I think she was going more crazy (if that's possible). And she started to do Zumba with the music... Love her! But we're so excited for Atlanta. I'm working a lot this week to get money. I have work tonight, tomorrow, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. My mom should be glad me having her birthday off worked out :)

10 days til the best roadtrip/girls' getaway... ah...

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