Not Me! Monday

It's Monday already!?!? Well, I guess it's time to be brutally honest and confess what I did not do this past week.

I have not sat around all weekend (besides being at work) watching Band of Brothers with my mom and (4 year old) brother. He likes watching the "armies" (the US Army soldiers.) I mean the guys are not adorable at all and it's not like I'm not watching it just for them alone; nor am I having to constantly remind myself that this is a mini-series, not real life and that these men can be found anywhere- not just Hollywood ( I wish.) To make my "boredom" sound worth the while, the battles in Europe are really cool to watch, especially with it being WWII and all. Loved that part of World History 2 last year :) see, I'm getting educated on history, not just the not gorgeous men :) and me oh my, the scenery makes me want to go to Europe even more than before- Austria and Germany look gorgeous.

Moving on... I was not ungrateful on Christmas Eve for multiple reasons. Although, from what I've heard talking to others, it happened to everyone, not just me. I did not get irritated finding out that the receipt had to take a trip around the family in Oz before heading it's way to the rainy blue skies of Dixie Land. Therefore, I did not do my own thing, return the items, get a store credit and actually shop (trying on clothes and all) resulting in *drumroll please*... finding that I went down a size in the pants (and some shirts.) Yes, I was so happy when I saw that my normal size was too big/baggy/would fall off, etc. that I gloated while shopping. It made it a lot easier.

I did not want to crawl in a hole and die earlier this week for reasons that will be anonymous. Nor did I get so mad that I started to clean my room (that's a bad sign of frustration) while cursing the world of romance in my head. I did not count down to getting out of the Rocket City for a couple days either, deciding that this was the only solution to my frustration so I wouldn't be reminded of certain people who shall remain nameless. (talk about an anonymous paragraph!)

I did not have any restless nights due to overthinking in my sleep, dreams of people in my past, thoughts that made me shudder when I woke up. I slept like a princess and woke up early, well rested, and happy (this is where you remember this is Not Me! Monday.) These restless nights did not make me edgy, irritable, curse life in general, and make me go on the biggest hunt for chocolate. (surely this isn't PMS?)

Lastly, I did not cave into the world of solely Edward and Bella, and start to read Twilight again. No I did not. And I totally put the book down right away and didn't turn page after page of the book when no one was around to catch me. Nope, not me. I mean, vampires are a turn off... men with dark hair and brown eyes are so not my cup of coffee ;)

I hope you all have good week, blog about what you did not do last week, and have a very Happy New Year! Now, I'm off to pack for my girls' getaway!!!!!!

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