Little Stellan aka MckMuffin

As y'all know, I'm an avid reader of MckMama over here. Her newest bundle of joy is in the ER right now with low oxygen stats (low 80s) and a very high heartrate. MckMuffin is a little over a month old, maybe two right now. While still in utero, he was diagnosed with tachycardia. He had fluid around his heart and the impulses for his heart to beat were often mixed, sometimes too fast, sometimes too slow. It seemed that he was cured when he was born, which was an answer to many prayers.

However, as I personally read it, it seems like the fears that it would return have come true. So pray with me that this is a pessimistic thought of mine, that he is just sick, and that the doctors whose hands who hold Little Stellan's life are guided by God only and he would be healed.


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