Thank goodness tomorrow is Monday. If only I had it off... I work tomorrow night again at Gymboree. But I can sleep in tomorrow morning :) and it's a not me monday and counseling day for the weak (yes, I just called myself weak.)

Big day today because.... I tried a new church, worked 8 hours, went dumpster diving for my manager's keys, and am still warming up. Brr!

Jessica and I tried the Summit today and actually liked it a lot. It's definitely not the kind of church I was personally raised it, but man, the pastor knows how to get his message across. I'll be the first to say the retail industry gets you out of the Christmas cheer before it even begins, so the sermon was what I needed to remember why we have the 25th. And no, it's not for the all day marathon of "A Christmas Story" on TNT (you know I'm right.) So I loved the church, we'll see how it turns out.

Work was long. So long. I thought it was 1:30 to 7:30 so I was late. Ugh. Then I saw it was til 8:30. Double ugh! Then when I was on break I was looking at the mall's holiday schedule and couldn't believe my eyes. We were supposed to be open until 9; so a call to the store manager later... my shift lasted 2 hours longer than I expected. I was pooped. But what capped the night off was...

Dumpster diving. Oh yeah, you read that right! I went dumpster diving. It was because my manager decided she would put her drink in the dumpster- and she threw it. Only... her car keys were in the same hand.

Tomorrow's not me monday, so I'll save more juice/the rest of the story for tomorrow! Good night!

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