Santa Baby

wow, so this weekend has been significant to the love life. Mind blowingly (is that a word) significant. Yes, I'm thankful for it. It's crazy how it happened. Let's just say, my door is open. WAY open. Last week I thought I was a doomed maiden. This week, oh no. It makes me happy knowing this.

Anyways, so I've always had a huge fascination with big families. Always, ever since I was 5. My best friend from Edwards was from a family of 6 and I was always at their house. Growing up an only child caused this. I want a big family. No only children, not 2. I want 4 or 5 kids. I know when my mom had just me she wanted me to have 12 kids just for her pleasure- I think it's down to 8 now :) I would flip b/c what 12 year old wants to think of having 12 kids, right? But now, 7 and a half years later... I could handle the thought of 5. I have admiration for these families- they're so dynamic. I want one. There's another reason the McFormer and I didn't work out- he wanted 2. I obviously want more than he does. Anyway, I'm going somewhere. On my friend Faith's blog , she mentioned this lady on her traffic feed. This lady's blog... is like what I want to be in 10 years. A happy mom to 4 kids who's willing to admit what goes wrong in the house instead of acting like June Cleaver. Her "Not Me Mondays" are amazing, hysterical, and good humor for those who have a rough day.

In case y'all couldn't tell... I'm bubbly again. I can't control the homelife but I can control what happens in the social and personal life. No, I'm not high on crack, I'm happy on what I can have happen in my life. My life is rough and dramatic right now... but I'm determined to be happy.

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