So last night was new line for Gymboree. Our store CANNOT fit ANYMORE clothes in the space we have. Gymboree, for some reason we don't know, sends new lines on average every 2 weeks. Yet, our sales racks are stuffed, every thing is flowing over. Seriously, we sell $2000 worth of clothes in one day. Yet, our stockroom is stuffed. The poor thing can't handle more clothes. We have a ton of summer clothes left that honestly are probably marked down to $3.00 but they're just sitting in the back. So *hint* if you guys read this and have kids, please come to Bridge Street and get some of these clothes out of our store!!!!!! I (seriously) joke with my manager we need to have our regulars sign a liability statement then come to the back and buy the stuff.

I found my Christmas wish list- 2 books actually. I want Giada de Laurentis's cookbooks. I'm a junkie for her. My sister and I will sit and watch her shows and want to make the stuff afterwards. Her pasta dishes make me go crazy for some. She makes me miss ALL 103047 Italian restaurants in Boston. Ok, maybe slight exaggeration on the amount of restaurants but it seems like it. North End of Boston... you gain calories just smelling the food. Ahh... anyways I want her cookbooks.

Second... "Multiple Bles8ings" by the infamous Gosselins. I love their show, it's TiVoed and everything so I can just plop and watch Cara, Mady, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel. I told y'all, I love big families. And it's more fun watching just because Gymboree donates all their clothes to the kids (yes, in case any of you were wondering, they're advertisement for us) so I can get excited about that too. This week: Holiday Scotty and Petite Mademoiselle. So cute. But I was going somewhere- their story still makes me tear up. Can you imagine wanting just one more kid and getting six times what you expected? I cannot imagine.

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