tomorrow is monday...

and do I need it. My day off from life is what I like to call it. No work, just school and counseling. I need my counseling... I'm in the "ugh" mood on my life. I miss certain people and wish things didn't go so SOUTH with them. I'm full of questions, like "why did I say that? Why did I do that? What was I thinking?" But at the same time, that's how you learn, right? You see the real side of each other when those things happen.

I don't know why, but I'm exhausted but WIDE awake at the same time. I fell asleep putting my siblings to bed earlier so I'm looking at the "ceiling" aka the computer screen, right now. I'm thinking about Miami A LOT. If it'll be worth it, praying that my dad lets me use his points to fly down there and get a hotel room. Jessica and I cannot stop talking about it at all. We've been making jokes about putting down our self-defenses long enough to get through security and how it's going to be OH SO MUCH FUN. Haha, I can see it now. Two petite white girls walking the streets/beaches of Miami alone. God, keep us safe. I just hope and pray this G.W.O. (girls week off) happens. Thankfully, my mom is advocating this girls' week of fun, so she's pushing for the points. I mean, I have NEVER been that far south in the USA. I'm practically going to another country. I'm excited, as y'all have read :)

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