Huh? Bear Grylls got injured?

It's true! The man of all men, the beast of all beasts, adventurer of all adventurers is injured??!??!? So injured he had to go to an actual hospital and stop shooting his manliness???? It's a shocker! He might gross me out eating LIVE (so live it's still wiggling) fish, but still... the poor guy. I'm sad for him. He's hot, I'm not gonna lie. There's something attractive about him... minus the drinking his own urine in the desert- that's just gross, way gross! See the story here.

In other news... the tree is up, the decorations are out. It sort of feels like Christmas now. If only there was snow on the ground, then it would really feel like Christmas.

There's high chance of my best friend and I going to Miami for New Year's! It's going to be a blast and a half, I only hope it will actually work out. I mean, I get to fly let alone go sit on a beach at the end of December and get a tan... I can feel the rays soaking ine now :)

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